Sparta Tours

lionidas_spartan_king_480BCSparta; The best soldiers the world has ever known! Only the strong, only the hard named Spartan. For the Spartan the choice was easy. No retreat, no surrender. That was the Spartan low. They stand and fight, and die for their principles, their family, their freedoms, and for their country. 5th century BC, Xerxes and 5.000.000 soldiers threaded 300 Spartans at the hot gates to surrender, to lay down their weapons. “Come and Get them” said Leonidas, King of Sparta. Since then, this sentence has been sacred for nations. “Come and Get them” , makes countries remember, that even if a beast approaches and threats you, you don’t retreat or surrender. You stand and fight.

This is Sparta! Combine your holidays together with many of our most interesting impressive scenic tours in Greece including Sparta. Combined SPARTA multiple day private tours in Greece will give you an experience you will remember respectively for the rest of your life!

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